The Irish Char Conservation Group was founded in the year 2000 to focus attention on the plight of Arctic char in Ireland. It is dedicated to the protection and conservation of the few remaining populations of Arctic char in Ireland.

gortglass char
Gortglass char – oldest photograph of an Irish char on record (source Wild Sports in Ireland 1897)

The groups objectives are:

  • ·To promote public awareness of Arctic char and issues relating to their survival in Ireland.
  • ·To collect and distribute information on Arctic char in Ireland. ·To set up an information and data bank.
  • ·To encourage practical conservation measures.
  • ·To develop links with international organisations with interests in Arctic char.

We also wish to replace the international spelling of Charr with the Irish spelling viz CHAR. A further goal of the Irish Char Conservation Group is to promote public awarness of other threatened and unique fish species in Ireland. These include shad, pollan, and some of the trout sub-species or races such as Ferox, Gillaroo, Sonaghan and Croneen.

The ICCG was formed in January 2000 by Dr. Fran Igoe and Myles Kelly in recognition of the serious threats facing Ireland’s native fish fauna. It is totally non-profit oriented (Myles will not be paid for his efforts) and hopes for success in its program to become a registered charity in Ireland. At present the group manages to keep itself going on will power alone.